ValCarmichaelPhoto2Valerie Carmichael – Valerie Carmichael operates a dairy herd share program from her 17-acre farm in the White Oak community of Whitley County.  The dairy herd currently includes seven cows, primarily Jersey and Guernsey, with some cross between breeds.  Each person that owns a share of the herd is entitled to receive a certain amount of raw milk each week.  The typical share owner is entitled to receive one gallon of raw milk each week and will pay $7.00 as a fee for the farm providing feed and labor in caring for the herd.  The Carmichael herd share program has approximately 50 owners.  The SOAR Small Production Loan of $7,500 will be used to upgrade the milking room and milk processing area.  The project will winterize and heat the milking room; place concrete on the milking room floor and entry/exit areas; construct an elevated stanchion; purchase a new hay feeder, and, purchase a refrigerator for additional milk storage.  This will allow Ms. Carmichael to increase her herd and milk production.