Current Projects

Jenna Brian MorrisJenna & Brian Morris moved to Flat Lick in Knox County in 2016 from the Salt Lake City area.  The Morris’ are working to establish a small farm operation on their 40-acres.  They are developing a 1-acre plot of pasture land to be designated as pollinator habitat.  They currently are raising rabbits, chickens and ducks both for their own use, as a source of nutrients for the high tunnel soil, and for sale of eggs and meat.  They are enrolled in the Kentucky Proud, Appalachian Proud and Homegrown by Heroes Program with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.  With the proceeds of the $7,500 SOAR Farm Loan, the Morris’ will construct a 100' High Tunnel greenhouse for starter plants and longer production.


The SOAR Small Production Loan Fund is a low-interest financing resource designed to assist small producers grow healthy, nutritional foods so that they can move into commercial production. The goal is to support and educate growers to develop a strong local food system in eastern and southern Kentucky that will be market-supported and result in a profit for the growers.


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