Current Projects

Keith JohnsonKeith Johnson is cattle farmer in the Pike/Johnson County area that is planning to purchase hay equipment and to add to his cattle herd.  Mr. Johnson lives in Virgie in Pike County and farms 112-acres in both Pike and Johnson Counties.  His plan is to purchase cow and calf pairs to pasture all summer and sell the calves in the fall.  He will keep the cows to raise calves from in the future.  In addition, Keith Johnson will use some the $7,500 SOAR Farm Loan funds to purchase hay equipment.


The SOAR Small Production Loan Fund is a low-interest financing resource designed to assist small producers grow healthy, nutritional foods so that they can move into commercial production. The goal is to support and educate growers to develop a strong local food system in eastern and southern Kentucky that will be market-supported and result in a profit for the growers.


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